Manchester Turndown

Community – A group of people having a particular characteristic in common.

At least that is how we considered the UK Dota 2 scene. A scene that only exists due to the people involved caring so much. Business wise, folk have since moved on, they have came and gone and left us out in the cold. Nevertheless we have stood strong and fought to show our strength in numbers, often matching and even surpassing more “desirable” alternatives. This is why we must not divide among ourselves.

Recent rumours and stories surrounding the controversy of the Manchester Showdown can’t be explained away. Why were players disqualified from the tournament? If the players or teams had suggested an overwhelming amount of research had gone into opposition, then concerns could certainly be aired for allowing teams to enter after a deadline. But that is simply not the case, and given the extension for entrance by organisers themselves it only makes this whole situation even more bizarre. Specifically now with the retraction and new information of the players involved in the boycott.

In the forum of full disclosure, yes some of the affected players are Perilous representatives, but in this competition merely a group of friends competing under their own name. A group nonetheless that are regulars at events and continue to support the scene. A group that outside of the game have sacrificed plans, holidays and time to commit to the finals as not wanting to even chance qualifying before being sure they could attend, and hopefully not causing an anti-climatic end to a new event. Let them compete!

In a time where we only have the passion and loyalty of Epic.LAN standing strong for us, we must show similar support to new events both online and offline. Lets be optimistic; this year we have had Blink stepping in as sponsors of our most prestigious events on the calendar, and now the BGL are upping their game with offline finals and sponsor support from EPulze and Gladeus. As well as ROG Masters having a dedicated UK qualifier rather than lumping us in with the rest of Europe for an open tournament brawl.

All said and done, the community no matter how big or small tends to get along in a majority. Whether it be beers at LAN regardless of a result or the satire news style write-ups that bring events to a close. But we need to stop trying to one up each other off the server. Get online, team up, come to LAN and play the game, this is the best and only outcome for us all.

UPDATE: 01.08.17

It has became apparent that after trying to not reference the detail in order to spare blushes, that the real events surrounding the weekend qualifier and  exclusion of players has yet to be fully aired and the issues are left unresolved.

Essentially the facts are as follows. The deadline for entry to the qualifier was extended in which a team of 5 took the chance to play and signed up. News spread of the signup and a small portion of players who didn’t like the idea took it upon themselves to notify tournament organisers of a “widespread” boycott. Based on this discussion, tournament organiser Rafee retracted the signup extension, in turn disqualifying and refunding the late entry in order to salvage the tournament and not jeopardise the overall amount of attendees. 

After further discussion and investigation it turned out that the boycott wasn’t anywhere near as widespread as the select few players made out, and in fact it turned out that the whole “boycott” was orchestrated by those same select few who had took it upon themselves to raise their issue with the tournament. In fact no boycott was in place and it was all purely to pressure a decision in favour of that small group.

Now this information has come to light and in the spirit of sportsmanship, we feel there is no reason for the decision to stand. The team signed up based on rules in place at the time and they have done nothing wrong. The people in the wrong are those who pressured and levied the rest of the community against the tournament to get their own selfish way, for their own selfish reasons. We don’t understand why the decision still stands at this point.

Our initial post was merely to rally the community to make the correct decision based on the facts while trying to demonstrate that we are better being inclusive, specifically in our time of growth. We tried without naming and shaming and still have. In hindsight, it was our assumption of the close-knit UK Dota community that the facts were clear and available to all. Given comments, and confusion thereafter (as well as no change in decision) this post is here to clear things up. We think the actions of those involved by ordering the exclusion of other players are totally against the spirit of what everything our scene strives for. We also believe that based on the whole information the decision should now be reversed for the upcoming qualifier.


An Overdue Return

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m pleased to announce that I will be making my return to the fold in all upcoming Perilous projects and future endeavors.

As many of you know, but some of you may not, a sudden change of my personal circumstances last year caused a dramatic change to my state of mind and day-to-day responsibilities (among other things) which caused an upheaval that I never could have imagined. I released a statement a few months after the affects began to surface owning my mistakes and the right thing all around was to take a step back from Perilous at that time.

This didn’t mean however that Perilous stalled, because under the careful guidance of general manager Brian ‘dotshotgun’ Houston, we have continued to break our own records and boundaries. Something which we have continually discussed in the background, and I’m excited to be back at the forefront working with Brian alongside me to keep pushing forward with some fantastic news on the horizon.

I want to make it clear that we are still working with past players and teams that were with us during the period of last year to resolve any ongoing issues, and again thank them for all of their patience.

Michael ‘Mick’ Hartley – Founding Manager

Perilous Content Team Announcement

Content is king.  That is our view for the next couple of months.  We will still be working tirelessly to support our players and teams however a large amount of resources will be put into content creation as well.  This content will include articles, podcasts, videos and the return of our weekly streaming schedule.  To make sure everything is professional and frequent, we have created the Perilous Content Team.  

Firstly we have our new Graphic Designer – Jonny ‘JAE’ Edmondson.  In the past he has captained one of our Dota 2 teams.  Now though, he is back working with Perilous to make our graphics and branding stand-out from the crowd.  We will be releasing a video next week which features his work. You can see some of his other work here. 

JAE – 

Originally I joined Perilous as RAZE’s captain from the roster of Kunkka Rum, After I59 the team had some discussions and real life got in the way. People were getting jobs and there wasn’t much time for Dota. The team disbanded and people moved on. I was finishing my final year of uni at this time and Perilous’ General Manager Brian offered me the role of Graphic Designer for Perilous.  Recently I have worked on designs for a current video for all of Perilous.  Having the official role as Graphic Designer means there should be more designs to come in the future!

Next up we have Perilous veteran Ceej as our first official streamer.  He’s been associated with us for many years after starting off on PerilousIMPACT.  He’ll be streaming Gwent every Monday on the Perilous twitch as well as taking part in podcasts, community streams and a number of new shows we have planned. You can check out his personal stream here.  

Ceej – Since joining Perilous as the OG Dota squad back in 2014, I never thought to this day that I would still be affiliated with them. No matter what game I was focused on, whether it be Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm or more recently Gwent, Perilous have always backed and supported me in everything that I have done. I am very happy that Brian has offered me a place on the content team and hope to bring some Gwent insight to newer players as the game approaches full release.

And finally we have our new Stream Manager Ewan ‘Spartawolf’ Parker.  After trying out for the original Raze roster, and failing miserably, he’s been a constant streamer, caster and collaborator at Perilous.  Now Spartawolf will be looking after all our streaming content as well as working closely with us to introduce new streams.  

Spartawolf – I have been hooked on gaming since I was a wee lad watching my dad play RPGs I could barely understand, working my way through the complexity and skill of strategy to the reflex and agility of shooters. Today that fire of passion still burns within me, whether that be playing SMITE or Paladins to CS:GO and the many scary horror games that I have played for Perilous over the last two years. I am proud to call myself a gamer, and I am proud to work as a Content Creator and as the Stream Manager with Perilous Gaming, and the men and women that share that same fire with me. No matter the challenge on or off the screen we will do our best to overcome, because we’re gamers – It’s what we do best!

With the announcement of the content team, we are also launching our staff page on the website and teasing a new show we plan to kick off our streaming schedule with this Sunday, 16th July.  We will prove, with this show, that anyone can be gud.  Look out for further videos and streams as well as articles, podcasts and a whole load of content in the months to come!


If you would be interested in submitting work or joining our content team, then contact for more information.

Perilous Gaming Epic 21 Round-Up

Some LANs end with a bang, some end with a fizzle. While the grand finals of Epic 21 might have been over quickly and not viewed by many people (both online and off), the LAN ended with a call to arms from UKDota. This journey started with something we’ve been waiting to see for two years now; The Perilous Dota 2 Derby.

In September of 2015 two Dota 2 teams were created; PerilousRUIN and PerilousRAZE. Each team has attended LANs in the past but never together. Epic 21 marks the first time we’ve been able to have both of them at the same LAN. We knew there was a chance the aforementioned Perilous Derby would happen. Never imagined it would be the series that kicked off Epic 21’s Dota 2 streaming schedule though. Ruin took the games 2-0 so a win for Perilous! This was the most relaxed anyone saw General Manager Brian all weekend.

With a much waited for series over, Raze and Ruin began playing the stacks in their group; Top 3 & Tea and AA (check Epic website for what the acronym means). Top 3 & Tea was Doopz (aiming for at least 2nd as usual), Water, Crysen, the only person Brian has ever shouted at in UKDota Tea and a much welcome return from former Ruin player Yoshi City to the UKDota LAN scene while AA had Chinerz, the anti-tilt of UKDota Soup, former Perilous Hearthstone player Barg, Hanako and Xion. AA had big big dreams of getting knocked out quick enough to get Domino’s lunchtime deals and, after a brilliant binge by Soup on the Thursday night, they were all set.

Ruin sailed through the group stage not dropping a game but Raze had more issues. If there’s one thing we can say about this tournament, it’s that they got the seedings mostly bang on. Raze, seeded 5th, lost 0-2 to Top 3 & Tea, seeded 3rd, while AA, seeded 7th, lost 0-2 to Raze. After games were over, Ruin went for their traditional Nandos, or some sort of unhealthy chicken, and members of Raze and AA went to the park for a kick about and to throw a nerf missile at each other. This is what LAN is all about. Sure, everyone is there to play esports but the reason they come is to hang out with each other and drink rhubarb cider.

Brian’s Top 5 of Friday


Owning Barg on Twitter

Seeing The Perilous Derby at last

Hearing about Soup throwing up 8 times on the Thursday

A CS:GO player telling the Pub Quiz to keep the noise down

We always say that, at Epic, Friday is the fun day while Saturday is the day of tears. Playoffs are always tough and, for some, this was a gruelling day of Dota. Raze started off the day facing 4th seeds Zakstabbed made up of political powerhouse Dai, the always photogenic and former Ruin player Burge, Slate who might get to do a 1v1 one day, Caspah and 6ixx. The 1st game was a stomp for Zakstabbed but game 2 wasn’t so easy. Raze put up a fight, defending against megas for a time, but the series ended 2-0 to Zakstabbed. This would be the start of a great day for Zakstabbed. A long day but a great one as well.

Ruin started out the day going against 6th seeds GYM not SCRIM made up of LoG Reeper who also may get to do a 1v1 one day, Cook, UKDota’s number 1 Hearthstone player Blackout, former Ruin player Antab and Henry_Bot. It was pretty clear, by this point in the tournament, that Ruin were a formidable force. They took the bo3 2-0 sending GYM not SCRIM to the lower bracket to face Raze in bo1 elimination games.

There’s always a point in a tournament where you have a game that, if your team loses, you know you’re going to be disappointed. For Raze it was their elimination game against GYM not SCRIM. While the stack was a last minute addition, it was full of UKDota veterans, with more LAN experience than Raze. It started out in GYM not SCRIMS favour but Raze pulled it back and stayed in the competition. Their reaction to winning was massive and had to be a lot of their favourite moment from the tournament. Unfortunately, they lost their next elimination game to Top 3 and Tea coming 5th. Some of the players were disappointed but they were seeded 5th and took down a much more experienced team in the process. Yes, winning is important but it isn’t the only victory. After getting knocked out, Raze went to chill and set up a fantastic photo opportunity.

While Raze’s journey at Epic 21 had ended, Ruin’s was about to light up as they faced 2nd seeds i had a dream about kiev, in the upper bracket final, made up of former Xenex players Meep, Mute and 1cHiGo_ with Inferno and, master of shadow, Zak. If any team at the tournament could take Ruin down, it was these guys. The first game went to kiev. It was the first time Ruin had taken a hit the whole tournament. But, we got to see Jaloobi Pudge so it was sort of worth it. After this game though, Ruin sat up. They took game two in 22 mins. Game 3 lasted longer, with a welcomed appearance from Magic Turtle Omni Knight, but Ruin took the series 2-1 making it through to Grand Finals. Ruin’s games where over by about 8pm. However, for the team that would face them in those finals, the evening was far from over. Kiev won the lower bracket finals and left the venue at 4am exhausted and having to be back at 10am for the Grand Finals against Ruin.

Brian’s Top 5 of Saturday

Doopz tilting a team down 2k mmr

Jaloobi sandstorming golums

Blossy accidentally making an emergency call out

3 of us attempting to down a fishbowl

Burge’s inability to end games

The grand final was a quick casual affair with Ruin taking both games in an hour and winning Epic 21 3-0. In no way should this impact on the players of kiev. Winning is why we do these tournaments but you want an exciting grand final. That team was made up of UKDota legends, who we’ve held in high regard as long as we’ve been in the scene, and LAN veterans. The fact they even turned up and played as well as they did after very little sleep, and probably one or two hangovers, is a testament to how good this stack was. We wish them all the best in the continuing mess we call UKDota.

Look out for highlight videos as well as announcements about tournaments and events for both PerilousRAZE and PerilousRUIN in the very near future.

General Manager Brian “DotShotgun” Houston had this to say to finish our round up;

“For years, I envied CeX and Xenex. They were the only top tier Dota teams in the UK with not only some of the best players in UK but EU. I always had dreams of having a roster like that for Ruin. We now have it. Rabbit is a beast, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing Rabbit Lina in the future, rime is rime and Dacster is the very definition of a silent assassin. The two stars of Ruin, for me, will always be Jaloobi and Magic Turtle though. To see those guys go from cheesing 6k players with Huskar strats to the Dota2 players they are today, will be one the highlights of my career in esports. I always said it was funny that last year Ruin disbanded in March and didn’t play together, after a number of coincidences happened, till February of this year. In that time Jaloobi and Turtle played on different teams and stacks but didn’t play together until Ruin reformed. Says it all really.

While Ruin will always be the most important team, Raze is my favourite. They were the first esports team I ever created. To see the team going from 5 players and a manger who didn’t have a clue what they were doing, to a LAN team sitting next to Ruin was just the greatest feeling ever. Some of the best memories I have from LAN is just chilling with them on the grass outside the conference centre. Obviously, every team wants to win but Raze is about more than that. Those 5 players show that you can come to LAN, lose most of your games and have the best time of your life. All five of them left with smiles, albeit sleep deprived hungover smiles, and you can bet they’ll do the same next time. Also, the look on their faces after I tricked them into thinking they were getting t-shirts and surprising them with hoodies makes the job all worth while.

Would like to take this opportunity to thank Epic.LAN and BlinkPredict for being driving forces of UKDota. I know, first hand, just how much work the folks at Epic put in to keep everything running. In the same way I sometimes forget how Perilous is thought of, they must forget how much all of us in UK esports, especially in UKDota, appreciate everything they do for our scenes. Epic is the go to LAN if you want to participate in esports tournaments and I encourage all players from UKDota who read this to put a stack together and attend Epic 22 in October. While the Blink guys are still finding their feet, the amount they’ve done over the past years for UKDota is unprecedented; 4 seasons of BlinkDota League, two LANs, sponsoring Epic 21 and now they are blazing the way with technology that is a first for the UK with I started out at the same time as these guys, still remember getting Zambrella to cast a scrim between Raze and Moist for Death Prophet back in the day, and while I have came far from my early days, these guys are a dot to me. I cannot wait to see all their hard work pay off in the years to come.

While writing this article, I realised something that pretty much sums up UKDota. No matter what goes on in the messed up world of the internet, you can bet that it’s either put aside or forgotten about at LAN. This is why UKDota will never die. It might have been in limbo for years but it’ll always keep going because of LANs like Epic and a scene that just wants to have a good time, talk shit and play games.”

Welcome to the New Perilous Website

After a long absence, our website is back and better than ever!

With everything redone and streamlined it’s easier than ever to find information on your favourite Perilous teams and players. We’ve also implemented new ways to find content. Be it through our new forums or menus, if you want content from us, it’s easier than ever to find it.

Speaking of content, be sure to check out our new Perilous Podcast. We’ll be doing at least one new podcast every month. Since it is our first one, any feedback, either in the comments or forums, would be very much appreciated.

This is just the beginning though. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be implementing more features including a gallery and tournament pages. While the look of the site may contrast its predecessor, tweaks and information will be constantly made to bring back not only the style, but improved quality of content and on a ‘behind-the-scenes’ staff note, more user-friendly interface.

I want to thank not only Brian, but all of the players , community members, staff and supporters who have still been working hard behind the scenes and believed in our ethos as we continue  moving forward with Perilous through and past the rocky times we have had. The website is only the beginning, and while it’s still rough and ready, now gives us an extraordinary platform that can really provide the whole picture of Perilous, with our history as well as all future developments. – Mick [Founding Manager]


We would like to thank our partner for all their help in creating the website and their amazing web hosting services.  The support they’ve offered has been above and beyond what we expected.

Perilous Podcast Episode 1

Perilous Podcast Episode 1 featuring Ceej, DotShotgun, Spartawolf and Suleymon

The inagural episode of the Perilous Podcast featuring, the usual suspects, Ceej, DotShotgun and Spartawolf with guest Suleymon. We talk about our favourite game of all time, what we think the best game ever made is and our most anticipated game. Tangents and hi-jinks are in abundance.

Feedback is much appreciated since it is our first episode.