Welcome to the New Perilous Website

After a long absence, our website is back and better than ever!

With everything redone and streamlined it’s easier than ever to find information on your favourite Perilous teams and players. We’ve also implemented new ways to find content. Be it through our new forums or menus, if you want content from us, it’s easier than ever to find it.

Speaking of content, be sure to check out our new Perilous Podcast. We’ll be doing at least one new podcast every month. Since it is our first one, any feedback, either in the comments or forums, would be very much appreciated.

This is just the beginning though. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be implementing more features including a gallery and tournament pages. While the look of the site may contrast its predecessor, tweaks and information will be constantly made to bring back not only the style, but improved quality of content and on a ‘behind-the-scenes’ staff note, more user-friendly interface.

I want to thank not only Brian, but all of the players , community members, staff and supporters who have still been working hard behind the scenes and believed in our ethos as we continue  moving forward with Perilous through and past the rocky times we have had. The website is only the beginning, and while it’s still rough and ready, now gives us an extraordinary platform that can really provide the whole picture of Perilous, with our history as well as all future developments. – Mick [Founding Manager]


We would like to thank our partner webhostgb.com for all their help in creating the website and their amazing web hosting services.  The support they’ve offered has been above and beyond what we expected.

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